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We would like to introduce Symprove – a product supporting balance in the digestive system.

Good health can be directly influenced by the balance of bacteria in the gut. Our busy lifestyles can lead to a poor diet and stress; both factors can alter the ecology or balance of bacteria in the gut.

Published research has shown that taking a multi-strain, live and active bacteria can help support a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

What is Symprove?

A water-based formula containing multi-strain (four unique strains, working in harmony to create balance), live and active bacteria.

How does it work?

Symprove does not trigger digestion, allowing the bacteria to pass through the stomach and reach target areas unharmed.

In 2014, University College London carried out research on 8 products containing bacteria. The products were subjected to three challenge tests to assess if the bacteria arrived in a live state, survived stomach acid transit and thrived in the target area. Symprove was the only product to pass all three tests (www.symprove.com).

Once the bacteria have arrived, they thrive, multiply and replenish gut bacteria, maintaining digestive balance.

Who should use Symprove?

Anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome. Symprove is totally different to any other multi-strain bacteria product due to the unique way that it delivers live, activated bacteria. It’s also a 100% vegan product.

Symprove 12 week programme

 Research has shown that the process takes time and commitment, the changes do not happen overnight.

 The Symprove programme is currently offering a special deal whereby patients buy 8 weeks (8 bottles), and the remaining 4 weeks are complimentary.

If you’d like to take advantage of this, get in touch.