Medicine is changing. The emphasis is moving towards health and away from disease. We want our bodies to be treated holistically, not as a list of separate symptoms, diseases and conditions.

Good Health Centre believes in an integrated approach to healthcare. Conventional medicine and complementary therapies are used together, but we can offer so much more than that. Our therapy practitioners have a different way of looking at the individual, concentrating on maintaining the body’s balance, optimising nutrition and stimulating our own natural healing potential to achieve improved health and wellbeing.

Here at Good Health Centre our highly qualified therapists, each with their own area of expertise, work together in a multi-disciplinary team. Many of our therapists trained and have worked in conventional medicine, as nurses, doctors or GPs. This allows us to provide a truly integrated service, combining the best aspects of conventional and complementary medicines to give you the highest professional standard of care. Together we can ensure that everyone who comes to us for help is given the right therapeutic option for them.

“Life moves at a fast pace, your body shouldn’t be the reason to slow down.”

Why Choose the Good Health Centre?

  • Numerous healing disciplines
  • Over 33 years’ experience
  • Welcoming, modern facilities with WiFi, televisions and more
  • Accessible facilities
  • Five late nights openings a week
  • Friendly and personal approach
  • Affordable prices

Many therapies are still insufficiently regulated, meaning untrained and unregistered people can call themselves ‘therapists’ and offer treatments. At Good Health Centre you can rest assured that all our therapists are trained, registered professionals. When you make an appointment with us, you know you will be in safe hands.

Good Health Centre Opening Times

Parking is available at the front and rear of the practice, we are open Saturdays and accept some health Insurances.


Here’s How We Help:



With dedicated time to really understand you and your health concerns.


Using a variety of clinical and specific tests.


Sharing and explaining the findings and possible outcomes.


Applying appropriate techniques to commence recovery.


You to better health, freeing you from limitations, restrictions, and barriers to a happier life.

Good Health Plan

Specifically designed for you to give fast, effective and positive outcomes.

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