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Breathing is probably the most important function of the human body.  

We breath in and out 17000-30000 per day. We do this automatically in most cases, but do we do it right? if so, can we improve on how we do it.  

There are plenty of research papers to show how important breathing is and how improving this can have a positive effect on your body’s physiology.  Furthermore, it has also been shown that breathing wrongly can have a negative effect on your wellbeing.  

At Good Health Centre we appreciate how important this is and we have developed a dedicated clinic to breathing where we provide you with a personalised breathing programme.  

What is involved?  

Assessing your current breathing patterns. 

Identifying the reasons for this acquired pattern. 

Detailed structural analysis of your respiratory system including posture analysis and medical history.  

Diagnosis – will be explained and shared with you.  

Treatment – numerous different techniques to be applied to meet individual needs. 

Exercise – tailor made to you, these may include a variety of breathing drills, specific exercise to improve muscle, ribs, and joint function and homework with specific apparatus.  

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  • Better health in general.  
  • Increase lung capacity.  
  • Reduced stress levels.  
  • Improvement in both physical and mental performance. 
  • Improvement in digestion.   
  • Reduction in pain. 

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