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What is sciatica?

Sciatica refers to pain that runs from the low back into the buttock and down the back of the thigh. It may go below the knee and into the foot.

It happens because of a problem in the lower back. That could be an injury, or due to a condition such as arthritis. These cause irritation of the sciatic nerve where it leaves the spine.

The key to effective treatment of sciatica is to understand the underlying causes.

The good news is that, here at Good Health Centre in Leeds, our qualified osteopaths understand sciatica and how it can affect your life. With over 500,000 treatments to our name, the GHC team has plenty of experience in treating sciatica. If you’re suffering, we’re here to help.

What does sciatica feel like?

The main symptom is pain. It starts in the lower back or buttock and runs down the leg.

Sometimes, it goes as far as the back of the thigh. Or it might shoot into the lower leg and foot.

The pain can be a nagging ache, or it might be stabbing or shooting. Some people describe jolts of pain like electric shocks.

As well as pain, you may feel a tingling sensation or numbness, often in the foot.

In more severe cases, there can be weakness, causing difficulty bending your foot upwards at the ankle. You might notice this if you find you keep tripping over your toes.

In very rare cases, people can have sciatic symptoms in both legs, numbness in the genital area, or trouble controlling bladder or bowel that isn’t normal for them. These symptoms can indicate a condition called ‘cauda equina syndrome’. It needs to be treated quickly, so seek urgent medical attention.

What causes sciatica?

The pain, tingling and weakness of sciatica are due to irritation of the sciatic nerve. It’s the body’s largest nerve, which starts in the lower back and runs down each leg to the feet. It provides both feeling and muscle power to the legs and feet.

In most cases, this irritation happens in the lower back. Commonly, one of the spinal discs has become worn or damaged. This can allow it to bulge outwards, pressing on the nearby nerves and causing inflammation.

In other cases, there are bony changes that happen in the spine as part of normal ageing. These changes can narrow the channels through which the nerve passes.

Occasionally, an underlying condition is causing the irritation, such as diabetes, bone fractures or cancer. These are uncommon causes of sciatica. Osteopaths understand these causes and know what to look out for.

How can Osteopaths help??

First, your osteopath will want to understand the root cause of your sciatica. They can usually diagnose the issue in the first session.

Each case of sciatica is unique and is caused by a combination of factors. Osteopaths work holistically, which means they look at the whole body to identify everything that could be contributing to your pain.

These factors could include old injuries or surgery. Or perhaps muscle imbalances or joint problems elsewhere have caused a change in your spine. Perhaps a daily activity or posture is aggravating your symptoms.

Even in cases where there are changes in the structure of the spine, such as arthritis or spinal stenosis, osteopathic treatment can reduce your symptoms and help get you moving. Although osteopaths can’t reverse those changes, they can influence how your body copes with them.

Once they understand you and your sciatica, the osteopath will apply a range of techniques best suited to you. The aim is to reduce pressure on the irritated nerve, settle pain and improve mobility.

Osteopaths can also give you advice on how to manage at home. That might be stretches and exercises, adapting the way you sit or sleep, or avoiding specific activities until your symptoms have settled.

Sciatica Treatment In Leeds:

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Did you know…

Did you know…

Even when sciatica is caused by bony changes, such as arthritis, osteopathy can get you symptom-free and functioning again.

Did you know…

An osteopathic management plan involves more than just hands-on treatment. An osteopath can support you with advice, self-help tips and exercise plans. This comprehensive approach means the benefits of treatment last long after you’ve left the clinic.

Did you know…

Even though the pain can be severe, it’s very rare that there’s a serious or worrying cause for sciatica.

What our patients say

Helen Fitton
Helen Fitton
I have used the Good Health centre over many years. Seb, one of the osteopaths, helps me maintain a quality of life that I wouldn't otherwise enjoy. He is always patient and kind, and treats me with respect. The receptionists are always cheerful, and make one feel welcome. I would highly recommend.
Sarah Jayne
Sarah Jayne
My baby was born with shoulder dystocia, lot if tension from ventouse delivery. Saw Simon Baron, really great, creating a calm enviroment. Gave exercises to complete at home. Couldnt imagine what she would be like had she not seen him. Couldnt recommend more!
Allan Luxton
Allan Luxton
After first visit: knowledgeable, thorough, informative. Clear plan of treatment/process.
Massimiliano Federici
Massimiliano Federici
I've been struggling with persistent pain in top of the hamstring/glute, for nearly one year. I tried the standard physio, rest, DYI solutions and strengthening exercises and none of them helped me completely. Eventually I went to the clinic and discussed the problem with the osteopath and in 3 sessions my leg is nearly 100% healthy again. Really impressive outcome and great service
Jas Soor
Jas Soor
I've been coming to the Good Health Centre on and off for my back issues for years. They offer so many different treatments. For me, I am currently going for a sciatica issue and Yanis is a magician! I travel from London to see him as he always gets to the root of the problem and does his upmost to assist and sort out the issue as well as updating me on everything he is doing and why. For me, he is fantastic and one of the reasons I come back time and time again when I need to. He is a savior to me!
Julie Spalding
Julie Spalding
Amazing at putting my back right, just doing regular maintenance now
Brenda Simpson
Brenda Simpson
I’ve been a client at The Good Health Clinic for a year since Josh McCollum.moved there from a local clinic to where I live. I had no hesitation at all in following him there which involves me undertaking a 30 mile round journey. I first met Josh in August 2021 following a major break in my ankle. He has been an absolutely vital to me as I built up a trustworthy group of therapists to enable my safe rehabilitation. I can’t recommend Josh enough for his kindness, understanding, care and expertise in aiding my recovery and now helping to maintain my recovery. Josh, I can never ever thank you enough 🤩
Naomi Berry
Naomi Berry
Good Health Centre has had a huge impact on my career as a dancer. I visit Josh regularly for osteopathy treatment to support my physical training and to improve my overall awareness of my body. It has really helped me to overcome and keep on top of injuries and any pains which come with the demands of a physically challenging job. I couldn’t recommend Josh and the Good Health Centre enough!