This is to place on record my gratitude to Harriet for alleviating to a large extent the pain I had suffered for three months. I fractured my humorous on 8 May 2019 and as a result of the initial immobilization of the arm and shoulder these parts of my body were stiff, very painful and difficult to move. Harriet in my opinion has a good understanding of the physiology of pain and her expertise lies in knowing how successfully to treat it! In my first session with her she used reflexology techniques as well as soft tissue massage on the affected areas. The effect of her intervention was immediate and I could not believe I could move my shoulder so much more freely and the pain was much reduced. I cannot wait to have my second appointment with her as she knows instinctively how to treat pain. The purpose of my review is to let other pain-sufferers know that Harriet's skills have been very useful in my case.


I can’t recommend GHC enough if you have aches and pains. I’ve been going for around 3 years now whenever something crops up and I completely trust the practitioners. (Richard Dyson really knows his stuff!)
I was due an appointment just as lockdown started so have been waiting for them to reopen. Finally went back today and the level of professionalism and thought that had gone into protecting both people was incredible. I felt completely safe and at ease.
Thank you to you all!


I first came to see Emily following a car accident with a fractured rib and whip last. Emily has been incredible. Initially I wasn’t sure what osteopathy would achieve, however the results speak for themselves. She has explained everything to me and been very understanding at my frustration of not being able to exercise. She has given expert advice and exercises to do at home. Emily will put you completely at ease and it is almost like an added therapy session being able to talk to her during the treatment. The difference the sessions have made are getting more apparent with each treatment. I am now on the road to recovery and I know this is down to Emily, her practice and advice. From a sceptic to a convert I highly recommend Emily and osteopathy.


It helped my chronic pain which abled me to carry on near to normal through everyday life.


Josh has treated both myself and my son on many occasions.
He has an extensive knowledge and explains things clearly so we understand how the treatment he gives us will be effective.
His work has helped me recover from and manage several issues, from shoulder to ankle joint problems and his diagnosis and treatment has always been accurate and effective.
Josh is very friendly and approachable. He has a great manner with my teenage son and makes him feel relaxed and comfortable during the sessions.
He has helped him recover from several rugby injuries and sent us detailed exercises to work on at home to aid recovery and his help and advise has always been extremely useful.


My wife and I have been under Luke's care for a number of years now. Delighted that he now also worked from the Good Health Centre in Leeds, much closer to home for us.
I would strongly recommend to anyone suffering with chronic pain. Luke is without doubt the best specialist we have been to, we have tried many other treatments and many other specialists in this field, no one has managed to equal such brilliant results.


I have bulging discs and my regular treatment here at the Good Health Centre is essential maintenance to keep me fit and mobile.


Osteopathy at the Good Health Centre helps relieve my neck pain and knee pain which has enabled me to carry on with all the sport I play. Thank you !


Osteopathy has helped me recover from crippling pain.


I have bulged discs and my treatment here is essential maintenance to keep me fit and mobile.


My osteopath keeps me mobile, reduces tension and stress. I fall apart and osteopathy rebuilds me!


Regular osteopathy keeps me pain free & mobile & able to do all the sports I enjoy & generally lets me get on with life. I'm grateful for my osteopath!


Osteopathy has ensured I can continue to play competative hockey and work comfortably. It's part of my body maintenance.


"It helped my neck pain and knee pain which has been able for me to carry on with all the sport I do."


"I phoned the Good Health Centre when I was in agony. I was seen that day by Emily. Emily was professional, warm, she listened carefully to me to understand where my pain was and gave a diagnosis and treatment. I found the experience deeply therapeutic. I saw Emily again around a week later, I was still sore but not in acute distressing pain. Again Emily listened to understand how I was and gave a really effective treatment. Emily helped me understand what was happening with my back, and recommended exercises and stretches to help me heal faster. I booked a third appointment with Emily as I had improved so much. Now, after the third appointment I feel no pain. Both Emily and my GP said it would take 6-8 weeks to heal, but I have recovered sooner after three treatments from Emily. I am grateful for her professionalism and skill but also her therapeutic gentle kindness which I hugely appreciated as I felt so broken and vulnerable when I first sought help.
I would highly recommend Emily to anyone experiencing back pain."


"Having had three sessions now, I am really feeling the benefit. Since mid August I have suffered with my skin (totally out of the blue), however since I’ve been having acupuncture, over the last four weeks, it is really starting to settle.

Dr Robert Maida came very highly recommended having treated both my mother & my late father. He is extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable and takes time to listen. My fear of needles which had kept me from having this treatment was alleviated very swiftly on session 1 and this is totally due to his manner and experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


After 2 years of chronic back pain, NHS specialists were unable to diagnose or treat. I visited the Good Health Centre and was diagnosed with my problem in 5 minutes. Within 2 weeks I had massive improvement. Osteopathy was and still is my lifeline. It is also helping ongoing neck pain which I have had since my early 20's.

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