Anthony graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009 and additionally holds a degree in Physiology. Anthony specialises in sports injuries and has worked with many renowned sports teams including British Athletics and the NFL, allowing him to draw on his experiences when treating patients in general clinic.

Anthony enjoys getting to know his patients, their expectations and their goals in order to tailor treatment plans for the best possible outcome. As a result Anthony enjoys furthering his knowledge and has undertaken additional training in the use of Dry Needling, Kinesio Taping and Electrotherapy which he uses in addition to his standard therapies in order to help deliver a better level of care, aid rehabilitation and speed up recovery.

Anthony also enjoys using both structural, cranial and visceral approaches to treat patients of all ages. He aims to gain a deeper understanding of his patient’s lifestyle as well as the nature of their symptoms. In this way he can help not only through treatment, but by providing advice on day to day activities, exercises and stretches. His training in fitness instruction and clinical Pilates has reinforced his ability to help patients regain their strength and core stability in order to get back to their daily life.

In his spare time Anthony enjoys keeping fit with a variety of exercise including Yoga and Pilates. This allows him to try and adapt new exercises that he can translate to patients in clinical practice.

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