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  1. Used to be a contemporary dancer from 16-18 years of age performing in the arts programme in military schools; a jeweller – specialising in sales and repairs of diamonds and watches. As a result of working in the jewellery trade, he has developed an eye like a magpie; Builder – Simon used to work renovating and extending houses in the St. Albans area for 4 years while completing his Masters in Osteopathy. He ended up treating everyone on the building site at one point or another and believes there’s nothing like being on the “front lines of injury”.
  2. Was almost called Bartholomew at birth for no apparent reason other than his parents wanted him to sound posh.
  3. Wishes he could reach the top shelf – or at least be able to drink an elixir to increase his height. From a young age, Simon wondered whether he had a faulty gene impeding his growth, until at age 17 he grew to the tall height of 5”6 and ¾.
  4. Miraculously survived being hit by a car – Before marriage, Simon was asked to help a friend find love. On his way to fix up a couple in a love match he was hit while crossing a pedestrian crossing. Only to be whisked off to the hospital in a Malteser (German version of an ambulance). Upon reaching the hospital, the Dr’s were surprised to find that Simon was virtually unscathed, maintaining his record of never having broken any bones.
  5. Would love to speak mandarin – Having lived in Germany for 10 years and having moved a total of 22 times, Simon has encountered the need to speak many languages in his travels however has only ever officially spoken English, he believes that one day the majority of the world will speak Mandarin and doesn’t want to get left behind.