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As the nation spends its Saturday nights watching sequin-encrusted celebrities take to the BBC dancefloor, have you ever thought about the people behind the scenes who keep the dancers dancing?

As any dancer will tell you, it’s incredibly common to pick up injuries or have recurrent pains. Dancing can be an extremely strenuous activity – particularly if you have Brendan Cole as your partner! – and intense physical activity over years of training and performance takes its toll on dancers’ bodies.

All large dance academies have an osteopathic team to help their dancers stay in the best condition they can. Good Health Centre’s osteopaths are proud to work with a number of dance companies local to us in Leeds. We provide osteopathic advice and treatment to the Phoenix Dance Company, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and RJC Dance.

Osteopaths use their skilful knowledge of biomechanics not just to treat mechanical problems as they arise but, more importantly, to detect areas of dysfunction and prevent problems from developing. As osteopathy delivers quick results it’s a very popular first port of call for dancers, as they are keen to get back to the dance floor as soon as possible.

So the next time you watch Anton du Beke spin Judy Murray round the floor, just think of the many osteopaths who have kept him on his toes. Literally.