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PostureCutting down on fatty foods, quitting smoking, taking more exercise – all common New Year’s resolutions to improve our health. But have you considered how correcting your posture could give your wellbeing an almighty boost?

Poor posture places the body under unnecessary strain: our muscles have to work harder, our joints and ligaments suffer more wear and tear, and our circulation is affected too. A less than perfect posture can cause back and neck pain, as you might expect, but also things like headaches and digestive issues.

A hunched posture can affect our lung capacity too, and when our lungs aren’t performing at full capacity, the body’s tissues and organs including the heart and brain receive lesser amounts of oxygenated blood.

There are many causes of poor posture, including illness and injury, or being overweight. Modern, sedentary lifestyles also have a negative effect on our posture. And sleeping on an unsupportive mattress can mean we’re resting for several hours each night with bad posture.

So how can you begin to make small changes that will correct your posture and boost your health? Throughout January the Good Health Centre’s experienced osteopaths will be sharing their thoughts and tips on correcting poor posture. Look out for them on our Facebook page and Twitter profile!

Can’t wait and want to find out more now? We love this video that summarises good posture and sets out the benefits of having a better posture in a fun and entertaining way.

And this infographic offers visual tips on how to correct your posture.

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