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Everyone loves a good pint now and then, but did you know that beer actually has some surprising health benefits that you probably didn’t know about?
As with everything, health benefits are only beneficial in moderation, so remember to drink responsibly.

  1. Good for your teeth
    If you don’t brush your teeth regularly you’ll probably notice the texture of them becoming slimy. This is caused by biofilm and it’s formed from the same bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. In the Journal of biomedicine and Biotechnology in 2012, studies showed that certain beers blocked the activity of gum disease causing bacteria! While it’s scientifically proven to help prevent these diseases, we still recommend brushing regularly!

  3. Healthy hearty beer
    Massive studies have been conducted between heart disease and beer and found that people who drink between a half and two pints daily, compared to abstainers, have a 25 percent lower risk of heart disease.
    Beer has huge benefits for people who already have heart disease as well. According to a Harvard research report, men who had survived a heart attack, and drank a couple of beers each day, were almost half as likely to die over the next 20 years.

  5. Prevents kidney stones
    In a 2013 study of almost 200,000 patients, research showed that drinking beer reguarly could reduce the likelihood of kidney stones by up to 60 percent.
    “Our study suggests that beer consumption is associated with reduced risk of forming stones in three large U.S. cohorts” – Pietro Manuel Ferraro, MD

  7. Great for bone building
    An abundant source of silicon can be found in beer, which is important for maintaining and building healthy bones. According to a study in 2010, IPA’s, or Indian Pale Ales, and beers with lots of hopes and malted barley are the best beers for silicon.

There are lots of health benefits of drinking beer, these are just a few that we found interesting. So next time you’re feeling guilty about sipping a pint after work, just think of all the health benefits you’re gaining! Remember to drink responsibly and in moderation.