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The Austrian berry that could keep you flu-free!


Organic Elderberry Throat Spray

The Good Health Centre is now selling the Organic Elderberry Throat spray which contains Manuka honey & Marshmallow. This does not contain Vitamin C but has been recommended by Viridian to be mixed with Vitamin C for the same great benefits. 

The Elderberry 

Organic Elderberry, taken alongside Vitamin C, is the newest remedy for cold and flu immunity. Suitable for both children and adults, this simple concoction is the ideal solution to those susceptible to flu in the colder months. The Good Health Centre recommends using medicine with elderberry in, from Viridian Nutrition, for example. 


What are elderberries and what are their health benefits?

Elderberries come from organic fields in Austria. Scientifically named ‘Sambucus nigra’, black elderberries come from the honeysuckle plant family. Black elderberries have been used consistently throughout history in medicine to aid the immune system. The elderberry is also high in antioxidants and zinc. 


Created by experts at Viridian for both adults and children aged 6+, the Elderberry Elixir is perfect for those who may have a low immune system. 


Who is at risk?

Anyone can get flu, however, some people are more susceptible to catching the horrible illness than others. This may be due to age, general health conditions or even medications. If you are one of those at risk, it may be worth investing in a remedy to help you overcome this. Those at risk include:

  • Children and infants: Children aged 5 and under are more at risk as their immune systems have not yet fully developed.
  • Older adults: Adults aged 65 and over are also at risk of flu due to the immune system weakening with age. 
  • Pregnant women: Women who are pregnant go through changes to their body which affect the immune system. This makes them more susceptible to flu.
  • Those with weak immune systems: Whether this is due to a condition (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus) or a treatment (E.g. Corticosteroids for arthritis, TNF inhibitors for psoriasis), those with lower immune systems should be prepared in case prevention does not work against the flu. 


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